The 1776 Declaration was signed by a small group of people. There is no limit to the number that can sign this declaration.


We have kept the Declaration 2016/2017 the same as the 1776 Declaration, with only slight modifications to the list of grievances.

If you'd like to read why we've done this, please feel free to read the book we've written on the subject.


We're going to be meeting with leaders in all spheres of society to influence their decision-making and policy-making. We welcome your input - so feel free to share your thoughts, either through our contact form here, or on social media.

To get a copy of the book: The 2016 Declaration of Independence

A book that reflects our current day grievances in terms of the 1776 Declaration's list. Part two offers an insight into how we might bring about more harmony in our lives and the world.

You may order it at or directly from us.

To get a copy of the book: HOPE FOR ALL

A book about life, liberty, happiness and equality.

You may order it at or directly from us.

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