The temptation is for us to want to feature individuals who are fighting for change and to make the world better.

But since things are so polarized we chose to leave out references to people or policies that could add to the polarization.

This is not an anti-administration or anti-politician thing. This is a statement that says that, in many ways, things are like they were in 1776.

If you don't feel that they are, then that's great. The hope is that they are not. But if you are one of the people who feel that, well, "the shoe fits", then we'd suggest that you sign the dec and let others know that you do feel that is where things are.

To reiterate, we are not proposing anything that is not constitutional. And we are proposing that we act within the laws of the United States.

We are not proposing that a violent revolution is needed, in fact, quite the opposite. We are suggesting that we can right things by, first, putting our grievances before the government and, second, by recognizing essential behaviors and values, including the universal values of life, liberty, happiness and equality.


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