Our Approach

The changes needed are so great that it will take a movement of people, we, the people to create that change.

Through a simple step, the signature of a renewed declaration, by passionate individuals, we can begin to form a group large enough to have a greater influence - between election cycles in order to hold our government officials accountable.

Our Story

Having written several books about life, liberty, happiness and equality, it became apparent to us that we needed a new declaration. And we needed a way for many people whose voices have not been heard to be heard.

Meet the Team

We, the people. Average citizens driven to bringing about peace and prosperity - driven to providing life, liberty, happiness and equality to all.


Cathy LoGerfo

Co-Founder & CEO

Author, illustrator, educator.


Christopher Dunn

Co-Founder and President

Author, illustrator, educator.

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Join our team


If you want to be part of this great startup, let us know.

Next Steps...

Sign. And if you want a particular role in helping out, please let us know.